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Guidelines for Property Owners and Residents


For information about the HPOZ, or if you would like to be placed on the HPOZ Board Agenda for consultation and/or consideration of a project contact:

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


       The HPOZ Ordinance (City Ordinance No. 152.422) applies to every property within South Carthay boundaries.  For the purposes of this ordinance, South Carthay includes (1) all of the apartments, duplexes and single family homes from the west side of Alfred Street to the east side Crescent Heights, between Olympic and Pico Boulevards and (2) all of the apartment buildings on the south side of Olympic between La Cienega and the east side of Crescent Heights Boulevards.

       If you live and/or own property within the HPOZ boundaries, there are certain basic guidelines you must follow when improving, altering or demolishing any part of your property, including the following:
     *    Changes to the exterior architectural design of the  building and the garage. This includes windows and security bars, doors, roofs and chimneys;
     *    Decisions about the height, size and historic compatibility of proposed new buildings, walls or fences;
      *   Changes to the landscaping and hard-scape including walls, fences, gates, paths, and driveways;
      *    Selection of construction materials;
      *    Changes to the color and texture of the surface materials on the exterior of the building (including the back of the building).

       It is highly recommended that you bring proposed projects to the Board for consultation and approval prior to the commencement of work.  At that time, the 5-member Board will be able to evaluate whether the project is suitable and also make useful recommendations.  Less complex projects and those which are clearly in conformance with HPOZ guidelines will be reviewed and decided upon by the Board quickly.  More complex or controversial projects may require several meetings, and the Board will make its recommendations to the Planning Department for the final decision.

       Failure to follow the guidelines set forth by the HPOZ Ordinance can result in temporary or permanent stop orders by the Department of Building and Safety resulting in additional expense and lost time.

Commonly Asked Question About the HPOZ

Q.   We want to take out the old palm tree in our front yard and re-landscape.  Do we need HPOZ Board approval?
A.   YES.  Even though the tree may be unsightly, alterations, demolition and additions to landscape and hard-scape (i.e. pathways, patios, fountains) are covered by the HPOZ Ordinance.
 Q.  Those louver windows have got to go!  I’m only going to replace the ones on the side of the house.  Do we need HPOZ Board approval?
A.   YES.  Windows, doors and window bars (all which also require a City building permit) must be approved by the HPOZ Board.

Q.   It is time to add a room to the back of the house.  Do we need HPOZ  approval?
A.   YES.  Even if the room addition cannot be seen from the street, HPOZ Board approval and City building permits, must  be obtained.  This may require notification of neighbors before work is started, so please contact the HPOZ  Board as soon as your plan is sketched.

Q.   The fence along the front and side of the house needs to be replaced.  We want to change from a wooden fence to a stucco wall.  Do we need HPOZ Board approval?
A.   YES.  Fences, walls, pathways, and driveways all need HPOZ Board approval prior to initiating work.

Q.   We are going to remodel our kitchen.  Do we need HPOZ Board approval?
A.   NO.  Improvements which entail interior work only do not fall under HPOZ guidelines. However, if the renovation includes changes to the windows or exterior doors, then HPOZ Board approval, as well as City building permits, must be obtained.

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